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Accidents involving vulnerable adults and children trapping their fingers in doors are more prevalent than you might think. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) every year 30,000 individuals trap and seriously crush their fingers in doors. More than 1500 of these individuals, particularly children will need surgery, sometimes requiring on-going reconstructive surgery. These incidents occur in the home, in nurseries, leisure centres, care homes, school, shops and other public places. The types of injuries that may result from door incidents range from crushing, bruising and fractures to, in the most serious cases, amputation; however, whatever the outcome, every finger trapping incident is likely to cause pain and distress to an individual.

All doors are potentially a risk. Those doors in buildings such as schools or nurseries represent the greatest risk to young people. Doors in areas such as, circulation areas, toilet entrances and cubicle doors represent the highest risk of finger trapping accidents, along with those which are known to slam shut in high winds and external doors.

Young children and those with special needs are particularly susceptible to door-trapping injuries, but older pupils have also been victims in the past. Reports from adults with no difficulties, having their fingers injured by doors highlight the fact that these accidents can happen to anyone.

We can assist by carrying out a finger trapping risk assessment and installing finger guards as required.

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This is what can happen if door finger trapping isn’t taken seriously >>>

Download the Preventing "Finger Trapping in Doors" document pdf50 50
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