Light fitting and diffuser cleaning is often overlooked within the cleaning routine or is deemed not within the remit of a cleaner/caretaker.
This is a shame as the simple task greatly improves the look and feel of a room, walkway or office.

It also serves several purposes not often considered:-

  • Gives the opportunity to inspect the light fitting condition
  • A dull, burnt or flickering bulb/tube is an indication of a pending failure (replace as required)
  • Cleaning dust, dirt and insect debris reduces the risk of fire

Bulb/tube replacement

Although you don’t have to be a qualified electrician to replace bulbs/tubes certain safety precautions are required to ensure safe replacement, thus making some site staff uncomfortable in carrying out the task.
This then tends to mean lights are often left out until the local authority or electrician is called out to make replacements. (This can be expensive)

Light fitting/diffuser cleaning service

I will clean all your light fittings and replace bulbs/tubes as necessary as a one off task or arrange a yearly visit.

Bulb/tube replacement service

I will replace bulbs as required either a single unit or multiple units.

Lighting audit and monitoring

Bulbs/tubes are expensive to stock and bulky to store.
I can carry out an audit of your lighting and keep a record of your required bulbs/tubes so in the event you have a failure the right bulb/tube can be supplied without the need to “bob out and get one”

I can also recommend from the audit a small stock of essential spares this would include

  • Internal external bulbs/tubes required
  • Fire exit signs and emergency lighting
  • Starters and fuses

I can also assist with the monthly emergency lighting checks as required by the local authority

*Note any electrical repairs required to the wiring circuit will need to be carried out by a fully qualified electrician. I can advise as and when this is necessary

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