Tile grout & silicon replacement

WC Suites

Accessible toilet grab rails

High traffic areas such as toilets and washrooms require regular maintenance.
If these areas are neglected they can become very expensive to repair and a health and safety problem.

Many caretakers/site staff overlook a simple dripping tap.
This can have several knock on effects:-

  1. If you are on a water meter you are literally pouring money down the drain
  2. If a hot tap is dripping significantly it may well be firing up your boiler, a waste of energy and increased fuel bills
  3. A leaky tap can fail completely and as a result flooding can occur

Toilet cubicles

Hinges and fastenings often come loose over time with high usage.
Cubicle doors are heavier than you think, they can cause injury.

Washroom Services

  • Accessible toilet grab rails to Doc M specs
  • Tap washer or tap top replacement as required
  • Toilet cubicle repairs
  • Toilet flush repair/replacement
  • Re silicone toilet and washbasin
  • Toilet seat repair/replacement
  • Tile and mirror replacement
  • Tile Re grouting
  • U bend and sink trap cleaning and leak fixing
  • Urinal decalcification and cleaning including trap/ u bend
  • Soap and towel dispenser fitting and repair
  • Air vent and fan cleaning
  • Pipe boxing replaced
  • Floor edges to walls re sealed
  • Redecorating

Doc M Layout

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