sebo service2


The Vacuum cleaner is probably the most expensive tool a site team operative uses on a daily basis.

This tool is often abused and seen as a disposable item.
With the current cost of a standard Sebo BS36 Comfort being £239 + VAT it is not a cheap disposable item.

I have often seen Sebo’s abandoned in storage cupboards that have been decommissioned due to faults that can be easily and cheaply rectified.

Faults such as:-

  • Power cables broken
  • Plugs broken (moulded types)
  • Handles broken
  • Casing broken
  • Knocking noises
  • Burning smells

Or with reoccurring faults such as:-

  • Motors cutting in and out when the extension hose is inserted
  • Amber light on the brush head unit
  • Flashing bag full warning light (even after new bag fitted)
  • Brush to floor contact warning light
  • Power switch in operational

Every single part of a Sebo Vacuum cleaner is available off the shelf and with a regular maintenance schedule a Sebo unit should give many years of service.

On occasions when parts such as motors or PCB (printed circuit boards) are required it may be prudent to consider a new vacuum.
However all the parts are interchangeable and an old vacuum can be used as a donor machine.

For advice on Sebo servicing and repairs please contact me >>>