The TMV3 Scheme is the third party valve accreditation programme which is administered by Buildcert. It has been set up to test independently whether valves submitted are suitable for
use in high risk commercial healthcare applications within the UK. The performance testing required in order to comply is based on the NHS model engineering specification D08 for thermostatic mixing valves.

Other important factors are also considered: for instance, an applying company must also prove that they comply with ISO 9001 or a suitable equivalent quality control system, the valves are checked for correct marking so they can be identified inthe field, packaging and instructions are checked to makesure they conform to guidelines issued by Buildcert.

If Buildcert is satisfied that all the requirements of the scheme have been met, it will issue a certificate granting a five year period of approval for the TMV. The valve will also be entered onto the list of approved products which is kept on the Buildcert website and is updated regularly.

After five years, the manufacturer must resubmit the valve for another full TMV3 test procedure: if successful, a new certificate will be issued and the entire cycle starts over again.

This level of third party compliance testing is unheard of in the rest of the world and helps to keep the UK at the forefront of hot water safety and thermostatic mixing valve technology and product development.