TMV Servicing and Maintenance is carried out in 4 stages, each stage is recorded and logged which you keep in your H&S record folder (Ideally with your Legionella monitoring documents)

Visual Inspection

Examine each TMV to identify if the correct specification valve is fitted, good accessibility and if isolation valves are fitted.

Water Temperature

Measure and record the mixed water temperature to ensure it is between 39°C and 43°C.

TMV Failsafe Test

Perform an in-service TMV failsafe shut-off test, isolating the cold water supply.

Clean, Descale & Disinfect

Isolate each TMV and clean, descale and disinfect valve components and fine mesh strainers.

Managing the risks associated with scalding from hot water in schools, healthcare and social care settings is a simple but essential safety management process. Regular testing and TMV servicing will help to ensure scalding risks are managed effectively and should be seen as an essential component in and regulatory compliance and Legionella control programme.